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Jaime Saiz Cuena

Jaime Saiz Cuena (aka Hammy)

Certified BMW Off-road Instructor

Jaime Saiz Cuena

Jaime was a competitor in the 2010 International GS Trophy and after having the “time of his life” in South Africa with Team Spain and all the other competitors from nine other teams, he decided that he didn’t want his Trophy story to end there. Fortunately for Jaime, it certainly wasn’t the end – just the beginning.

There he met Pat Horan (also from Team Canada 2010) who did the scouting for the 2014 GS Trophy for Canada. When the 2014 event was confirmed in Canada, Pat invited Jaime to be a part of the Support Crew as a driver and mechanic. Jaime jumped at the chance!

After the 2014 event, Jaime spoke with Tomm Wolf to find out how he could continue his involvement with the Trophy ‘family’. Tomm needed an instructor at his Spanish-based Malelobo riding academy, and as all marshals need to be qualified off-road riding instructors, it didn’t take long for Jaime to make up his mind. He did the training and qualified as an instructor – something he rates as the best decision he ever made. All of the opportunities Jaime took hold of made it possible for him to be a part of the 2016 GS Trophy as a Marsal in Thailand. Who says dreams don't come true?

Now an International Instructor for Malelobo in Spain, Jaime is coming back to Canada to participate as a Trainer in the Advanced Off-road Adventure Bike Training Program with Motorcycle Expedition Hosts.

Now, here's a fellow that has painted a picture of the life he wanted and made it happen!



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