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Offroad riding

Pat Horan

Certified BMW Off-road Instructor

World competitor for over 30 years

YOUR Motorcycle Exebition Host and Bootcamp leader, PAT HORAN, is a: Certified Off-Road Trainer; an International off-road champion; a GS Trophy participant, course designer and event Marshal; as well as an outstanding Off-Road Tour Operator. Why would you settle for less?

At the age of 12 Pat rode his first motorcycle, a step-thru Honda 90. He grew up in the mountains of British Columbia, and used his bike to explore the mountains and back roads.

1983 he competed in the I.S.D.E. in Wales, and won a Bronze medal. In 1990 Pat rode across Canada to gain recognition in the Iron Butt Association. In 2010 he earned a place on the Canadian team and competed in the GS Trophy in Africa.

Pat continued his participation in the GS Trophy for the 2014 event. He spent months with BMW appointed Thomas Wolf, scouting and developing the route that our world competitors would ride during the big event.

Pat is a certified BMW Off-Road Instructor and teaches off-road skills by leading Bootcamps around the globe. He is the off-road mentor and coach for Canada's first female Trophy participant to earn her place on the first International Woman's Team in the 2016 SE Asia Trophy. Pat was selected to participate in the SE Asia GS Trophy 2016 as an event Mashall. This GS Trophy will make history as it is the first trophy to have an all female team!

Rider safety is a priority for Pat. He teaches this first and foremost to the riders he works with. Pat has a saying that he quotes at the beginning of every group ride. "We are only as fast as our slowest rider and an accident can destroy a great ride, so everyone needs to be very safety conscious and watch out for each other."

Pat's future goals include a ride from London to Vladivostok as he has crossed Canada already, then to ride from the south to Ushuaia, Argentina.

Pat's mantra is the hope for anyone that has any desire to ride across town or across the globe would do so. Time waits for no one, act now, or never. Pat's motto is "create what you desire," and he has done just that for his life!


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