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The Ride of my life...
Never could have I imagined what I was going to experience when I started my bike this morning... amazing boys, amazing!

Hats off to Pat and the gang...
Sun Chaser... exactly! Riding so far up the mountain that you punch through the clouds and YES, the sun was indeed there... warm and inviting. Life is good and I'll NEVER forget my experience... see you next year!

See you next Year...
Every year that I have attended the MRT, there was Pat with his smiling face and willingness to share his mountain running expertise and the beauty he grew up with for nothing more than a hand shake. Way to go Paddy-boy!. We had a big group today and when it was over everyone was smiling, grateful and proud of the accomplishment that separates the men from the boys!

Amazing Experience...
Today I learned that I can ride in terrain that I would have previously turned away from. I came away from that ride a better rider, a more confident rider and a safer rider. That was worth dropping my bike 5 times and the sweat to pick it up and get back on. Thank you for stretching my limits boys!

I can't believe the adventure
Paddy...??? you rode this stuff all your life? Your parents couldn't have known what you were up to or they would have made you wear a rubber suit. You make those mountain technical runs look so easy on that old tank of a GS... where do you get the energy?

I can die now...
I've been there, ridden the impossible, seen why GOD chooses Heaven to live and experienced greatness... AMEN!




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